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Water Features

Water Features Damascus, MD Landscape installation requires significant expertise and experience. The company that handles the job for you needs to have a good understanding of various materials, products as well as design and planning aspects. While elements such as plants, trees as well as shrubs and lawns are integral to landscaping, various other items go into creating balanced outdoor spaces.

Masonry and water features help to create balance in both commercial and residential landscapes. However, the overall appeal, functionality, practicality, and aesthetics of your landscape need to be kept in view while planning waterfalls or pond installations.

High-Grade Water Feature Design and Plans

For over 32 years, we have been serving clients throughout Maryland, DC, and Northern Virginia and have designed and installed rock fountains and waterfalls on many properties. As a highly experienced, licensed, and insured company, we complete every project to industry standards and make sure our clients get value for their money.

These structures add a very calm and refreshing ambiance to the outdoor spaces. However, they can also be used to cleverly mask views or features that you find less appealing in your landscape. For example, if you have a shed in your backyard that you don't particularly like, you can consider getting a rock waterfall installed in front of it. The planning and installation of water features are instrumental in creating an appealing and balanced look in your spaces.

Custom Water Feature Plans and Ideas

We provide these solutions as part of broader landscaping projects. However, many clients approach us when they want to add these elements to their existing landscapes, as well. Residential and commercial property owners have very specific requirements when it comes to water feature installations.

Commercial landscapes tend to be much larger compared to residential ones. It is why we always offer customized solutions and ensure that you get the kind of natural stone fountain or Koi pond that will fit in perfectly with your landscape layout. The design and detailing of a garden water feature are entirely dependent on the type of design theme used in the landscape.

For example, if you have a Zen Garden, a Koi pond will fit in perfectly with the theme. On the other hand, if you have a tropical style garden, we may recommend that you install a natural pond with river rock surrounds. A meandering stream will also be the perfect addition to this type of landscape.

Cost-Effective Waterfalls and Fountains

While we offer excellent water feature design and installation services, we also plan and construct other elements and structures as part of these projects. For instance, if you want to build a small wooden bridge over your landscape stream, we can handle this project.

We use the best quality materials in our installations, so you have features that are long-lasting and stunning. If you want superb water feature installations, you need the kind of expertise we offer our clients.

For any more information about our services and waterfall installation cost, contact Natural Surroundings LLC at this number - 301-482-0257. Feel free to drop us a line via this Contact Us form if you have any queries or want to send us your project details. We are eager to help you get your next project started.