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Landscaping Services in Damascus, MD

Landscaping Services, Damascus, MD Creating beautiful outdoor spaces is about ensuring that you hire an expert with experience who has handled many big and small landscaping projects. When you want a garden area or yard space that is functional, appealing, and durable, you need to make sure that suitable quality materials and the right installation techniques are used. The proper layout, hardscaping and softscaping elements in the right measure will go a long way in creating spaces that would uplift the look of your property and its value.

Local Landscaping Contractor

Natural Surroundings Landscape Design and Build is a company based in Montgomery County, MD. For over 33 years, we have catered to clients in the DC metro area. Our expertise lies in providing the best landscaping services in Damascus, MD, to residential and commercial clients throughout the region.

When you entrust your landscape design and installation work to us, you can be sure that every aspect of it will be to your 100% satisfaction. Our team of landscape designers goes the extra mile to include your ideas in the designs and plans they provide. They take the time to discuss your requirements, show you various material samples, and provide their insights. This holistic approach helps to create outdoor spaces that are sustainable, well balanced, and appealing. Not only can we handle start-to-end landscape design and planning projects but also upgrade jobs.

3D Landscape Plans and Layouts

Our company understands that clients want to have the perfect idea of how their outdoor areas look after all the structures are in place. It is why we have invested in the latest technology for designing and planning landscapes. Our team uses this advanced software to create various landscape plans and layouts after having discussions with you.

The digital renderings give you an idea about how the outdoor spaces would look after completion of the project. The other advantage of 3D landscaping is that you can make all the changes you want in the design stage's plans and layout without any impact on cost or time.

Softscape Installation

Every landscape will have some plantings and green elements, including bushes, trees, and lawn areas. We plan all these aspects correctly to create the perfect balance and a seamless look in your outdoor spaces. When we are handling the softscape installation, we also complete proper soil prep. Using the right kind of topsoil, fertilizers, etc. helps improve your plantings' growth and health.

Hardscape Installation Services

We cover a wide range of hardscape design and planning services, including:

  • Patios and decks
  • Pathways, driveways, and walkways
  • Garden steps
  • Planters
  • Retaining walls
  • Garden walls, seating walls, boundary walls
  • Fire features
  • Water features
  • Curbing and edging
  • Paver installations
  • Other

For any more information about our landscaping services in Damascus, MD services, feel free to contact Natural Surroundings Landscape Design and Build at 301-482-0257. You can also send us your project details and requirements through this Contact Us form, and one of our team members will contact you to get your project started.